Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Dark Side of "David"

Anyone who has ever sat in a dentist's office in the US has read a "Highlights" magazine for kids. One of my favorite features was Goofus and Gallant, a little comic strip about twin a devilish ne'er-do-well, the other a terminal goody-goody.

Michael C. Hall, mostly "Gallant" as David on Six Feet Under is most definitely "Goofus" as Dexter on the new Showtime offering of the same name. Oh, David had his bad-boy moments for sure... but they were nothing compared to the Robin Hood of serial killers that he plays in this show.

I got a sneak peek at the first episode and agreed to review it here. It was interesting enough...twisted, adopted child of a cop grows up to use his murderous nature to snuff out the bad guys that have escaped the long arm of the law. It's a Black Magic/White Magic thing, and Hall is always great to watch. It's particularly fun to watch him in this role which couldn't be more different from his last.

The supporting cast is mostly good as well. I love Lauren Velez (the nurse on HBO's now-defunct "Oz" who had the bizarro love connection with the oh-so-sexy inmate who loved her so much he killed her husband) but I absolutely cannot stand the actress who plays Dexter's confused girlfriend. She's a less appealing version of Anne Heche, if there is such a thing. I'm hoping her character will do something bad really soon so Dexter can chop her up into little pieces and store a drop of her blood in his file box. Or break up with her, at the very least.

So, it's an interesting premise with mostly terrific actors. Why was I not clamoring for episode two? When I rented season one and two of Grey's Anatomy last month, I would watch as many episodes as I could, until my eyeballs were popping out. I watched "Dexter", I liked it well enough, but it didn't stick. I wasn't left clawing at the screen for more.

I'm not a Showtime subscriber and I doubt I'll become one just to watch "Dexter". Now, "Weeds".... that might be another story.

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