Saturday, October 13, 2007

That Was The Week That Was

Age check: Remember that show? I didn't think so.

As previously noted, I spent six days down in Atlanta at my sister's place over the weekend, highlighted by the celebration of my mother's 85th birthday. I've written a lot of stuff about my mother and repeat them from time to time, but in a nutshell (no pun intended), we're very lucky that she's so damned healthy and independent, but she is truly a wackadoo. This is not due to age or senility, she was always off-plumb.

She's sort of a cross between Yogi Berra and Joan Crawford (we've referred to her as Margie Dearest). She's been known to comment that visiting Rome was less than thrilling because "It's so old." On this trip, she told us that a friend of hers had gone to Sicily. "I have no desire to go there. All they have is scenery."

In a moment of sheer brilliance on my part, I bought her a birthday of those new ones that play actual songs. It had a picture of an old woman saying "As a matter of fact no, I'm not wearing any underwear", and when opened it played Rick James' "Superfreak". My mother had already changed into her nightgown when she opened it and started dropping the shoulder straps in a mock strip tease. (This prompted whispers of "Put it on! Put it on!" by us, the horrified on-lookers.)

It was great to see my sister, her boyfriend and my niece and nephews. Both of my kids were there too, so my mother got to see all of her grandchildren. Truth be told, she likes her crossword puzzles more than she likes them, but she muddled through.

This is her smiling:

My son is on the far daughter is next to her. Ain't they cute? And my niece and nephews are adorable too.


I think I've finally figured Ann Coulter out. She's actually a performance artist...this is all an Andy Kaufman-style comedy act. I hope.


TiVO Gone Mad:

Of course, being away for six days meant marathon TV-catchup upon my return.

Private Practice is a crap show. I watched the pilot last year and was unimpressed, but I gave it a chance this year and made it through half an episode. What is with the soft focus on Taye Diggs? Does the guy have acne or something? Anyway, I'm done with it. I'll watch the clips on "The Soup" instead.

Ugly Betty is great again this year.

My jury is still out on Grey's Anatomy. First impression? Everyone except Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo seems to be overacting. I'm imagining the director saying things like "Be a little more George! You know, halting speech and all?" "Patrick, hold that bedroom eye thing just one beat more!" "Chandra! Hit Justin FIVE times instead of four, ok?" And the writing seems forced. OK, I'll stop.

Really enjoying The Bachelor, America's Next Top Model, Survivor and Dancing With the Stars, but mostly because I've got a fantasy team on Fafarazzi. (You know, one of your cast members refers to an "alliance" and you get 10 points? That kind of thing.)

I like Dirty Sexy Money but have only seen the first episode. I've still got Pushing Daisies to watch before I am too far behind.

And I'm almost finished watching the Boston Legal Season 3 DVDs so I can start the new ones.

Right now, I'm seriously depressed and no longer wondering why my suitcase has yet to be unpacked even though I've been home since Tuesday. I need a doctor.


Last but not least, one of the reasons I've been a bad blogger is Facebook. That's right, I've gotten sucked into the vortex that involves not just social networking but online Scrabble games, TV trivia (see previous mini-entry) and Zombie fights. Don't ask.


And why didn't I do a Photo Friday post this week? Because the theme was "Real Life", and clearly... I don't have one!