Monday, July 21, 2008

Finding Bullwinkle....NOT

OK, I've been a bad blogger. Facebook has taken some of my attention away, just simply because it's like blogging for ADD people. But I've been doing other stuff, and dealing with some yet OTHER stuff, and just not writing very much at all. I kind of miss it although I have to get my inspiration back somehow.

Here's the good stuff I've been doing:

Visiting Lucas at camp...

...with my lovely daughter...

Spending the weekend with her at this cool place in the Catskills called The Roxbury Motel.

It's an old motel that someone renovated into a snazzy themed but tasteful place (think "West Elm" on crack). You can read my review on TripAdvisor (which is a great resource, btw).

A few days later I drove to The White Mountains of New Hampshire with my SO and stayed here... (I'll be writing my TripAdvisor review soon...the place is amazing and can you say "steam shower"??? They have rooms with Jacuzzi tubs too, but our steam shower was even better than that)

...looking for moose...

Not finding any moose (the photo above was taken from a brochure...fooled ya, eh?), we played golf...

...and saw some covered bridges on the way home...


The less fun stuff that has occupied my time involves brain chemistry (mostly anxiety) but I'm working that out (hopefully) because I have a history of agoraphobia and that can really put a dent in one's social life.

I've also been working. Which is not fun. But I'll leave it at that, because at least it pays the bills.

I've still been trying to reason with the Surrogate's Court to resolve the issue of my late ex-husband's life insurance so I can actually get some help supporting our son. It's been almost five years since his untimely (but not entirely unexpected) death, and the money is still tied up.

Bullying Update: The more dangerous of the two boys who have targeted Lucas is now being charged with two adult crimes (trespassing and assaulting a 72-year-old woman) so he might finally get the help/incarceration that he so desperately needs. The other kid (who kicked a boy in the testicles the same day the child returned to school after hernia surgery) remains at large (both live in our condos).

SO....... I've got a few more posts coming.... some movie/DVD/TV reviews... and a post about Fit-Flops. Yes, Fit-Flops. I spent $60 on these so I'd better look like Stacey Keebler by the end of the summer. Or else.