Monday, January 10, 2005

Erectile Dysfunction...or, It Won't Be Long Now

Pharmaceutical advertising is amusing on many levels, but nothing puts a smirk on my face quite like the campaigns against Mr. Softee. My favorite ED ad is for Levitra, with the demure but sexy woman who can't quite look the camera in the eye as she talks about her husband's wet noodle. In this new one, the once-afflicted but now cured man stands outdoors in his flowing white cotton shirt, glancing down and what can only be his newfound boner. The only thing missing is the hotdog chasing the donut through the train tunnel. And fireworks.

But riddle me this, BaseballBatman...what is a "quality" erection? Does this stuff turn your wang into an airplane, kind of like Transformers? I mean wings could really add something to the quality. For US, anyway.

Of course the best part of these ad is the now-famous warning at the end. Now seriously, if you get an erection that last 4 hours are you going to call your doctor, or are you going to call EVERYONE YOU KNOW?