Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'll Take Potpourri for $200, Art

Yes, Art was before Alex. Why do I know that? Because I am old. And getting older. My impending 50th birthday (September 13th, feel free to throw me a blog party), is contributing to some of my mental funk. I just cannot wrap my head around that number. Plus, I feel like I need to take a GOOD look at my life, considering two thirds of it are probably over.

And on that happy note... here are some random thoughts and observations, some silly and some more serious.

1. As far a summer reality TV fare goes, "Big Brother' is pretty much business as usual (even though it was supposed to be full of surprises, the producers were the ones surprised when everyone figured out "the big twist" in the first week). "Rock Star INXS" is surprisingly good. The singers are WAY better than that American Idol fare. Some big talents there. "The Cut" is awful. Can someone please tell Tommy Hilfiger how to pronounce the word "design"? "Fight for Fame" is a guilty pleasure. Fun to watch bad actors go through the audition process. And of course, I keep up with everything by watching my FAVORITE show, "The Soup" on E!

2. Speaking of E!, they did a show about wacky celebrity baby names. Some were wackier than others (I mean really, is Magnus such a weird name? I don't think so)...but the worst had to be David Duchovny (named his kid "Kyd"??) and Rob Morrow. Yes, Rob Morrow actually named his daughter "Tu". I guess he couldn't wait 16 years for his daughter to hate him.

3. Recently, in New Jersey, three little boys who had been missing were found dead in the trunk of a car parked outside their parents house. ("Parked" is a generous term. Dumped was more like it.) The police had looked around the car but not in the trunk, and now it seems the boys were alive for many hours before being found. The parents are accusing the POLICE of neglect. Er.... ok .... YOU don't watch your very small children and the police are at fault?

4. If I see another parent driving a new vehicle with a small child in the front seat I am going to perform a citizen's arrest (can you still do that?)

5. And speaking of driving, I think that between road rage and car-ass, suburban living is taking years off my life. When I lived in the city I walked a TON, and except for getting annoyed with people who don't follow the 'keep to the right' rule on the sidewalk, I was pretty happy doing so.

6. Every woman I have spoken to lately who has a son between 10 and 25 says she would move to Canada before sending her son to this war. Even women who voted for him. I honestly wish we could just have a friendly split between the Red and Blue states and call it a day. (of course, people could shuffle to their appropriate color before the split)

7. And speaking of him, how predictable that he would start the firestorm over his Supreme Court nominee just in time to take the heat off Rove. Remember what Triumph the Insult Comic Dog said about Rove? "Karl Rove! They say you're the brains behind Bush! Somehow I was expecting a much smaller man..."

8. And speaking of the Supreme Court nominee, do these right-wing guys all go to the same barber? Or do they just walk in for a haircut and say, "Give me the 3rd Grade special"? As soon as I saw this dude I knew he was trouble.

9. If road rage and car-ass don't take years off my life, worrying about Roe v. Wade will.

10. And speaking of taking years off my life, did I mention that I'm turning 50 in September?