Monday, July 11, 2005

One BIG Omission!!!

Hey, thanks for all the fun comments on yesterday's list (and for adding some of your own celeb-encounters!). I've been out at a golf outing all day, which reminded me of the BIG ONE I forgot to put on the list!!

Yep, the man himself. I was in a golf store in Manhattan shopping for a gift for my father (this was around 1989) and O.J. was being oh-so-helpful with suggestions. That is probably my most NOTORIOUS brush with fame!

PS: Thanks for asking about Lucas. He is doing much better. Still has to take the antibiotics for two weeks. I am going to pick up the police report tomorrow. I spoke to the cop that is the "youth officer" and he said he will go to the kid's house and talk to them. (He did say they can refuse to have him come). I haven't called them yet...I'm kind of dreading it. I hate conflict.