Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy V-D!

Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Hallmark Holiday, designed to instill fear and guilt (kind of like the Catholic Church, but more about that another time), induce panic, and drive home the message to us poor lonely singletons that no one loves us. ;)

So, just to smite the Hallmark gods, I have an annual Valentine tradition of my own: I buy myself a piece of jewelry. In the past few years I've bought something from Blue Nile, but this year I haven't found anything there that moves me.

According to the newest trend in jewelry, nothing says "I Love Me" quite like a Right Hand Ring, but does buying onesself a substitute wedding band really send the right message? I'm not sure. But then again, I am definitely stuck with ME "Til Death Do Us Part".

***Update! I was reminded to check out the jewelry website of my blogfriend Madame Butterfly and I bought myself two incredible necklaces! Check these out: