Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oops She Did It Again!

Unless you spent this past week on Jupiter, you've seen the photos/video of Britney's most recent parenting foible. Frankly, I'm not sure whether to call CPS or the Fashion Police. She was spotted crying in FAO Schwartz after the incident, but contrary to what the papers are saying, I think she was crying because she had forgotten to remove her black bra before putting on that white top, and she never expected all those people to get a picture of it. Kind of like when you leave the house in the dark and later discover that you're wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe? Thankfully most of us don't wind up on Page 6 every day, so we can get through the day in our mismatched footwear without much notice.

Oh, I've been hearing some people say that we're giving Britney too hard a time about her sloppy parenting, that every mother has done the things she does, they just aren't under the media microscope. Er, excuse me...but I've never driven with my baby in my lap, or plopped him into a car seat like a rag doll facing the wrong way (in a convertible, no me a safety nut, but I would NEVER put an infant in a convertible). And carrying the kid on your hip, with a margarita in one hand (I know, I know, they said it was WATER) and pants dragging on the ground like mine did in 1971 is just a STUPID combination.

Good thing she's pregnant again, because she's going to need a spare.

PS: Britney has moved to Cyberia to escape the media spotlight.