Friday, May 26, 2006

Photo Friday: Home

I've lived in many different places since I moved out of my parents' house at 17. The photos here were taken in my favorite of all those places: a loft space in Brooklyn Heights that I bought with husband #1 in 1984. I had my own business at the time and had done a hugely profitable project. We bought this place, gutted it and designed the space we wanted. Since it had windows on one end only (overlooking the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge) we left it open. The "rooms" were created by levels only. (Once my daughter was born we had to sell it because it was anything BUT childproof.) Hard to see here, but there was a Japanese rock garden that ran through the entire space.

I loved this piano. It was a Kawai grand and our music teacher once held a concert in our loft.

This was the bedroom, a few steps up from the living area. (Eventually there was a sofa that fit into the empty space behind the black chair.) The backlit glass blocks on the floor were my idea. Under the entire bedroom was a crawl space for storage.

I liked how the wall was curved on one side (flat on the other side, behind the bed). The floor of the foyer was a black marble circle surrounded by more Japanese stones.

Recently, New York Magazine ran an article about real estate and featured an apartment in this building. It was selling for 1.5 million dollars. We paid $145K for ours.