Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Adventures in Bad Parenting

In between marathon Grey's Anatomy viewing (I'm up to Season 2, episode 14!), I managed to get out and play some tennis with my son this weekend. Oh, how I wish I had a bronzed "Spearsie" statue to award to a fellow on the next court! He was playing doubles with what appeared to be his teenaged son and two other boys in their teens. What a good dad! Right.....? WRONG! See, in addition to this teenaged son, he had a baby daughter. An infant, about 8 months old. Who was on his left hip as he thwapped his forehands, backhands and even an approach shot or two. Better yet, the MOM was sitting with friends at a picnic table nearby, cooing "Oh look...he's got the baby on the tennis court!" (He was probably doing this in honor of Steve Irwin, another "Spearsie Award" nominee.)

And just when I thought he was this week's top prize winner, I overheard a mom in the next dressing room at Macy's yesterday as I tried on dresses for this weekend's wedding in Maine. She was apparently shopping for clothes with what sounded like a 9 year old ("Mom, I think your bra is on upside down.") and a 6 year old who was wearing a princess tiara. How do I know that? Because Princess asked for a piece of gum and Mommie Dearest screamed "IF YOU ASK FOR GUM AGAIN I'M GOING TO SMACK YOUR FACE AND THEN I'M GOING TO STOMP ON YOUR LITTLE CROWN!" (Unless the kid's name was "Jill", I'm thinking plastic tiara with rhinestones).

See what an upside down bra will do to someone?

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