Friday, September 29, 2006

Photo Friday: Anger

The anger does not appear in the subject. It is felt by the photographer.

Yesterday, my beautiful 11-year old sixth grader was assaulted on the school bus by two asshole punk High School students, 16 and 17 years old. They slapped his face, swiped this red streak on his face with a marker, threw water at him, hit him in the head with a water bottle, and twisted his arm.

Why? Because he would not give up his seat. He refused to give into their threats, to their "get the fuck up" bullying. My son knows who Rosa Parks is and he was channeling her. He's also a rule follower, and refused to get out of his seat while the bus was moving.

The driver had no idea what was happening, as this took place towards the back of the bus and there was a lot of commotion up front that prevented her from hearing anything. Of course, none of the other kids came to his rescue either.

LUCKILY, I was home sick from work yesterday and here when he arrived, traumatized.

I've made all the necessary contacts to ensure that these kids don't ride the bus again. Including calling the police, so their parents also know that they cannot fuck with me or my kid. School assures me they will be suspended as well.

Thankfully, he's in a wonderful program with great teachers and a support system of social workers and psychologists to help him work through it. The principal offered to ride the bus today to ensure his safety, but I just got a message that the perps won't be on the bus today.

And so... how timely is this Photo Friday theme? Are you angry too?

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