Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kids These Days!!

The next time you're inclined to think that today's young adults are a bunch of self-absorbed snots with entitlement issues, think again. Check out the blog of my dear friend Joy's daughter Tish.

Tish just finished her first year at MIT (she had to make the grueling decision between Stanford and MIT last year, after getting into every other school she applied to as well. Can you say "brilliant"?). Rather than spend the summer playing tennis or lazing on a beach, Tish and another student got a grant to go to Tanzania and build wheelchairs that they designed specifically for the terrain.

Here is an excerpt from her blog bio:

"My name is Tish and I just finished my first year of college at MIT. This summer I'll be spending two months living in Tanzania, working at a wheelchair workshop called Mobility Care. Having spent the past semester working a design for a folding three wheeled wheelchair, it's time to start sharing ideas! Major thank you to the Public Serivce Center and Amos Winter for making this all possible!!"

She just arrived in Arusha, Tanzania this past week and will be chronicling her experiences there. If you can't hear how excited she is, just count the exclamation points. ;)

NOW... what can you do to help? How about leaving Tish an encouraging comment and wish her luck in her endeavor (and her search for toilet paper!)