Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Brain Dump!

File under "Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time". Before I went on vacation, I dropped into a Toys R Us to buy a few good ol' fashioned board games. Imagine my surprise when I found the "Trivial Pursuit: Book Lovers Edition". What?? How perfect! I wonder why it's only $4.98??

The first time I played, with my "special friend", we gave up without anyone claiming victory. The second time, I played with my book-loving and former bookseller daughter. Three and a half hours later, she reigned victorious over me. But believe was not easy. Apparently I'm not the only one who had this experience. I found this on Bookslut.

It's back to the Genus edition for me, or my all time favorite: The Baby Boomers Edition. Yeah, baby.


Lucas is home after 4 weeks away at camp. It was a great experience for him, and although he had trepidations initially about being away from home, he wound up wanting to stay the whole summer. However, I've already got two mortgages on this place so that was definitely NOT an option. Here he is with his trophy for "Best Laugh". So appropriate, since if you really strike his funny bone he's got one of those infectious, tear-producing laughs that he's had since babyhood.

At 12, I was wondering what if any bad habits he might pick up during his four weeks of male bonding in the Catskills. Initially it seemed like he was the same innocent kid I sent packing in early July. Then, last night when he got back from walking the dog, I asked "So, did he do everything?" He replied, "Oh yeah. He laid down a big douche." It took me a second, but I soon told him that the rude expression he was looking for was actually a "big deuce", as in "number two". The Brooklyn roots really pay off sometimes.


I still have not gotten my insurance claimed resolved by Veterinary Pet Insurance. Hopefully they will find this post when they do their daily search for terms like "VPI sucks".


Transformers. Really great toys. Really, REALLY stupid movie.


I cannot WAIT for The Simpsons Movie.


What the hell has happened to All My Children? As you know, I'm a long-time fan of this and only this soap, because it's always been so hilarious and self-mocking. Right now, the storylines are comatose, the writing is horrible, and the actress who plays Greenlee couldn't act scared on the A train at 4 in the morning (props to the recently-deceased critic Joel Siegel, who used that line to describe Pia Zadora in the 70s).