Sunday, February 10, 2008

Panthergirl's DVD of the Week

Watched "Across the Universe" on DVD last night (with two of my favorite people, and you know who you are). My other favorite person was here on Thursday and Friday and that was great, too.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the film. There are a few distracting elements, namely (no pun intended) the fact that all the characters have names like Jude, Prudence, Maxwell and Sadie. Oh and Lucy. Of course. And some supremely silly moments like when Prudence "came in through the bathroom window", and when Jude ate a Granny Smith apple, dutifully cut down the middle. Thankfully, there were no appearances by Rocky the Raccoon, no one had Rubber Soles on their shoes, and no one's life went on, bra.

But otherwise, it was visually beautiful, incorporated the Beatles' music nicely, and the covers were excellent. Bono's cameo is perfect, and Joe Cocker's is scary. Never a "looker", per se, he now looks like a less-attractive cross between Willie Nelson and Nick Nolte's mug shot.

It's a politically relevant look back at 1968, with some parallels that should scare the pants off us now. It also reminds us of how passionate people become in the face of a draft. Sad that it requires that kind of personal threat in order to get us riled up.

My favorite scene: the Army induction center, Rhythm-Nation-inspired dance routine. Loved it.

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