Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gotta Love ONN

Injury update: Thanks to all concerned readers who either commented or emailed about my hip injury. I did go see an orthopedist who said that if I were older, I would have shattered it. But right now it appears to be a massive contusion with a compressed and inflamed hip joint. I have to see him again on the 26th, but in the meantime have to stay off it. Going a little stir crazy.........

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency

It would be really funny if it weren't true!!


Where have I been? OK, I'm going to proceed as though someone cares. ;)

First, I have contracted Olympic Fever and therefore have been rendered housebound from 8pm to midnight. How can you possibly take your eyes off girls who are allegedly 16, but look like they are a year or two out of Pull-Ups?

Chinese Officials: Deadly Virus Sweeping China Is Just Olympic Fever

The timing of this illness is rather fortuitous, because I am also rendered housebound by the fact that my dog Kelso, whom you all know I love dearly, managed to pull me to the ground last Wednesday. I hit the pavement with my left hip, full force, and it was not pretty. It remains not pretty.

I had x-rays at one of those urgent care centers, where the doctor deemed that nothing was broken but that this would take "a month or two" to heal. Huh??

A little over a week later, I'm still hurting and can't really walk properly, so I think I need to go to a real doctor and maybe get an MRI. I'm no spring chicken, you know.

So.... that's where I've been. No excuse for not blogging, since my upper body and brain are allegedly still functioning. I can only blame that on Facebook, aka Internet Fun for People with ADD. (IFPADD)

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