Saturday, August 30, 2008

Republican Logic

OK, so let me get this straight: women who supported Hillary Clinton are now going to vote for John McCain because he chose a woman to be his running mate? A woman who is the polar opposite, politically, from Hillary Clinton?

Based on that logic, men must REALLY be having a tough time deciding who to vote for. In every election. Which penis should I choose??

What an insult to women everywhere. Seriously.


I wonder how the radical conservative SAHMs are going to deal with the fact that this woman has five children, one of whom has Down's Syndrome, yet she WORKS. She lets "someone else" raise her children. Curious to hear the spin on that one.


I'm sorry to see both the Olympics and the summer end.


Fall TV I'm looking forward to:

True Blood on HBO
The Amazing Race
Dancing with the Stars (only because of the hilarious cast. As Joel said on The Soup this weekend, half the cast appeared on a 1978 episode of The Love Boat)
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy (although I think this will be the last season, and probably should be)
Nip/Tuck (not sure what the return date is, though)


I sure hope the movie version of "The Secret Life of Bees" does justice to the book, but I'm not very hopeful.


Might be taking my kids to the So You Think You Can Dance tour, because my company sponsors it! Waiting with bated breath (or "baited breath" as they say on the Internets) to see if I score some tickets. My two will be apoplectic if we get them.


Best of luck to our friends on the Gulf Coast. The anniversary of Katrina and its aftermath is something we should never, ever forget. Bush should be facing criminal charges as a result of his inaction, and/or impeachment. But I forgot... we only punish Presidents who get blow jobs. Right.

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