Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cry Tunes

Last night was Parent/Teacher Conference time at my son's school. During the course of our conversation, the teacher said that a few things had happened recently to make her realize how fresh the pain of his dad's death is for Lucas. One thing involved a health case discussion about smoking, and the other happened in music class. The teacher had them sing a song that was fairly melancholy (I haven't yet found out what song) and Lucas began to cry and had to leave the room.

He has always been very sensitive to music that way, and particularly to lyrics no matter how deep or sophisticated. His dad was a huge Tom Waits fan, and we'd marvel at the fact that a 4-year-old Lucas would begin to weep when TW sang about a lost love. Let's face it: Waits ain't The Wiggles.

Maybe he comes by it naturally. When I was a kid, the song "Tammy" from the movie "Tammy and the Bachelor" would leave me in a puddle of tears no matter how many times I heard it. And I heard it a LOT, because my parents were so amused by this reaction that they'd play it for guests, purposely, so everyone could watch me dissolve on cue.

Aside from not treating my children like circus animals, I cannot imagine ever taking pleasure or amusement in their "pain", even if that pain involved Debbie Reynolds.

What song makes you cry? (If it's "Butterfly Kisses", be warned. I might laugh.)

**Edited to add that I found out what song made him cry: "Seasons Change". It was this chorus that did him in:

"Happy turns to sad
Sometimes life gets bad
Things get rearranged
Nothing stays the same
It just never ends
here we go again
One thing
Still remains, uh
Seasons seasons change "