Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Joy to Your Kid's World

When I posted about my asthma ordeal this weekend, I told you about my friend Joy who is a godsend to us.

Three years ago, I decided to go to tennis camp for a weekend, alone. When I got there, I was grouped with three women who had made the trip together. I was living in Greenwich, CT and they lived in Westchester Cty., NY., about 25 miles from each other. Joy was one of those women, and she and I hit it off immediately. We were both art directors, we were both from Brooklyn, we both had a boy and a girl. At one point, I said "I know you're from Brooklyn, but no one is from my old neighborhood..." and she said, "No, no one is from MY old neighborhood." It turns out we grew up just a few blocks from each other.

We remained close friends, meeting mid-way for indoor tennis that winter. Eventually I decided to move closer to Joy and it was the best decision I could have made. We've continued to play tennis when we can. She and her wonderful family have helped me when I need to travel for business, taking Lucas into their home, leaving me totally relaxed to do what I need to do. And of course, in an emergency like I had on Sunday, I knew that it would be Joy to the rescue. I only hope I can always be there for her the way she has been for me.

In addition to her talents as a designer, Joy is a gifted (and published) writer. She has welcomed me into her monthly writing group, where we often read entries from this blog and I get a lot of encouragement to write my vignetted memoirs.

This holiday season, if you want to get a terrific book for a kid in your life, consider this one...written by my dear friend Joy:

It is totally gross and kids LOVE it. (boys AND girls... and it's actually very educational!)
Use the link here to buy it through Amazon, so I can tell Joy how many bloggers love her. ;)