Thursday, March 23, 2006

Idol Chatter

There *is* a god.

He's gone. Finally. He really was becoming the Scott Savol of Season 5. I'm convinced that Scott is off torturing small animals somewhere. He really creeped me out. Kevin, on the other hand, was just annoying. I hate it when someone gets through simply because the producers think they make "good TV" (kind of like that loser on The Apprentice who got fired this week.)

And what is Paula Abdul smoking? The next time she applauds one of the crap singers I wish Simon would suggest that she PERSONALLY fund a career for that individual. C'mon, Paula! "Abdul Records proudly presents.... Bucky!" And if she refers to "the blueprint of your life" one more time I will york. Did she sign up for EST or something?

My favorites this season are Mandisa, Kathrine McPhee and Chris Daughty. I really like little Paris, but heck...she's going to have a career regardless of whether she wins this thing or not. And Elliott Yamin is very, very good but those teeth... Idol he ain't. Taylor Hicks is likable enough, in a spastic sort of way, but I was expecting more from him. And Lisa is cute but definitely Broadway material.

Bottom line? The only way to watch this show is through TiVO. Last night's show was literally 2 minutes worth of info in an hour full of commercials and Seacrap.