Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Short Attention Span Theater

The best part of the Oscar broadcast was the gay cowboy montage. However, every montage that followed kind of seemed gay too, don't you think? Like the gay detective montage, the gay dead people montage... I want to know why "The 40 Year Old Virgin" didn't win for Best Original Score.

I love Wife Swap . If anyone thinks it's a silly reality show with no socially redeeming qualities, you haven't seen it. I'm being 100% serious when I say that living another person's life, even for two weeks, is a great way for people to begin to understand each other. ALMOST everyone comes away with a different perspective (except for the moron husband a few weeks ago who acts like he's 8 years old) and sees opportunities to improve his or her life.

Can it be Spring soon, please?

My uncle underwent a kidney stent procedure and is doing ok so far. He came out of the anesthesia yelling, "We got the sons of bitches!", whatever that meant.

Lots of news stories about cruise ship puking, passengers disappearing, etc. For some reason, I have never been remotely interested in going on a cruise. I think of it as being trapped at a wedding for three days. (And since I'm reading Carl Hiassen's "Skinny Dip", about a man who throws his wife overboard, I'm even LESS interested!)

Movies I've watched recently and loved: Pride and Prejudice; Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (oh.my.god. The most evil people on earth.); Junebug (Amy Adams is amazing).

Is it Spring yet?

If you are so inclined, go to Amazon.com and ask that they remove this book from their site. I'm all for freedom of speech, but this is nothing more than a child abuse manual. It teaches parents to hit children from 6 months to 20 years old with varying sized wooden dowels, creating "stripes" on the child's body. It even promotes such treatment of disabled children. Barnes and Noble has pulled the book. It's downright criminal.

And last but NOT least... please go hereand leave a comment. Doug is following my lead and doing a comment-a-thon for greyhound rescue.

(not my dogs)

**Bonus points for anyone who knows the reference for this post's title**