Saturday, April 01, 2006

Grisly, Man

I saw Grizzly Man on the Discovery Channel last month, but it was so full of commercials that I've now rented it from Netflix so I can watch without interruption (you know how much I love TiVO? I love Netflix even more. I've been a member since the beginning!). How do people watch movies on "normal" TV? Drives me nuts.

Anyway, this film is really amazing. If you are concerned about seeing someone eaten by a bear, or the remains of such, you won't see that here. But what you WILL see is an incredible character study, and the sad progression of a person's mental illness. Still, no matter how crazy Timothy Treadwell was, how do you explain the fact that he was able to live amongst Grizzly bears and feed foxes from his hand for five years before he was finally killed? Someone in the film says that he dealt with the bears like they were people in bear costumes, and that is the perfect analogy.

Werner Herzog also made one particularly wise decision in the making of this film. I won't say more than that. See it.