Friday, June 09, 2006

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

On Monday, I will be leaving for Vegas for the week... to go here. Now, I wouldn't spend my own money to go there, but an all expenses paid business trip with four guys from my office who are a lot of fun...that I can't turn down. Our only regret is that our former boss, whom I love dearly, has retired and can't join us. Thankfully my new boss, whom I *don't* love dearly, is NOT joining us!

I'll probably post once more this weekend, but mostly I'll be busy packing, taking Lucas to a chess tournament tomorrow, and getting all the "rules and regulations" written up for Emma who is going to come take care of him. Kelso is off for a week's "vacation" with a couple who boards him for me. He likes their house better than mine anyway, because they have a big fenced yard for him to run around.

I won't leave you high and dry, though.... I'll post reruns throughout the week. I'll have my laptop and although I probably won't have time to write new stuff, I'll definitely keep you entertained with archival stuff.

So..... any suggestions for my trip? It's brutally hot out there, but everyone says the casinos are FREEZING. I'm not quite sure how to dress. We're going to see "O" on Wednesday night (one of the Cirque shows) but other than that, we'll be free-wheeling it.

Oh, and I've updated and changed some of my "100 Factoids", so if you're really bored check those out!