Thursday, June 22, 2006

Back in the E-E-E-R....

The Blog Gods must know how much I love this little cartoon, because I had another one of these nights last night. This time my poor little boy had to call 911 for me, and he was amazing. I couldn't speak and he told them everything they needed to know. My neighbor came to stay with him while the ambulance took me to the my pj's and a pair of shoes. I couldn't talk, but I still wanted to get some clothes on (a bra maybe? a little lipstick? A girl has her pride. Even when she feels like she's being crushed by a steamroller).

The medic was a human being this time, as opposed to the previous tale. However the late night nurses were braindead. (Sorry nurses. You know I usually LOVE the night staff as detailed in the funniest hospital story EVER, here.)

My lovely neighbor stayed with Lucas and Kelso until 1:30AM when her husband drove to the hospital to pick me up. Poor Luke was so worried (as was I) that I would miss his "moving up ceremony" (end of 5th grade) today, but I made it. Feeling better, laying low, and learning from this second mistake that when I've got a cold and a cough that doesn't go away for two weeks...I need to see the freakin' doctor. Who has time? Not me, but I have to *make* the time. This stuff is too scary and dangerous.

So proud of my boy.

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