Friday, February 09, 2007

Couldn't Be the Inheritance, Could It?

I am *really* confused. For years, I have seen men on Jerry Springer, Judge Hatchett and various other kooky tv shows anxiously awaiting the on-air results of paternity tests to prove they had NOT fathered the child of a woman they had happily ridden bareback on at least one occasion.

Now, after the untimely demise of poor Anna Nicole Smith, three men (so far) are climbing over each other for the opportunity to raise her baby girl.

Hm. What's the difference here? Oh yeah... the Springer and Judge Hatchett won't-a-be dad segments generally involve women who are living below the poverty line with their children. The kids in question aren't usually sitting on top of a mountain of money bags, just waiting for another trustee to manage the funds.

Something tells me that the men involved in the Anna Nicole dispute (with the possible exception of Howard K. Stern) are not clamoring to become financially responsible for little Dannielynn, or for a chance to cart her to and from ballet lessons. Or am I being too cynical?

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