Saturday, April 21, 2007

Clifford the Big Fat Liar

Last Saturday night I saw The Hoax, the film about author Clifford Irving's attempt to resurrect his career by claiming to be the voice of Howard Hughes... the only journalist Hughes trusted enough to write his story. I remember the events as they occurred in the 70s, so I was particularly excited to see the film. Richard Gere and Alfred Molina are terrific.

Unfortunately, about 1/2 hour prior to the end of the film, my cell phone buzzed. My son had gotten sick and was yorking up his dinner, so we had to make a beeline home. Yes, I know how the story ends... but I am still anxious to watch the rest of it unfold on film, in this film, so I've already got it in my "Saved" queue on Netflix.

OH, and I'm totally prepared for the Big Fat Liars of America to come knocking at my door any minute now.