Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kelso Update

Hi all. Don't want you to think that just because I've won a couple of prizes here and there that I'm counting on a lotto win to help pay Kelso's vet bill! :) Still need you guys to shop through those links ----------->
We've raised $42.00 so far. Thanks to those who have helped!

Kelso is doing better, although still not 100%. The doctors are treating him for Lyme's disease now even though they are not sure he's got that, or any tick-borne illness. I do Frontline him, but they feel it's a better-safe-than-sorry move. His back seems better, but he cried out when they manipulated his neck on Tuesday. Poor guy.

So, he's on antibiotics and a very low activity schedule (if you know anything about greyhounds, you'll know that this isn't much of a stretch from his NORMAL activity level of less-than-zero.) But we're keeping his walks short and trying to keep him off the furniture (oh my sides...I'm cracking ME up at that one).

He's staying busy on the computer in the meantime.