Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Pup is in Pain

(They each need a thought-balloon that says: "You call that a dog?")

Kelso, my retired racing greyhound, is in the doggie hospital with a suspected spinal disc problem. He was limping so badly last night that he couldn't make it up the stairs of my condo, so we had to take him to the E-Vet at about 11pm.

The good news is that x-rays show no osteosarcoma or bone cancer, but if he is still in pain tomorrow with the steroids and pain meds, it's likely he'll need an MRI and surgery to repair a bulging disc.

He's going to be 10 in February, so this is all very scary for us.

(This photo was taken at a friend's house.. the collie is not mine. But I do love the contrast!)