Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Christmas Miracle - 2007 Style

First, I hope everyone is having a lovely Kwanzmaskka. We've had a great week here at the Pantherhouse.

Now, to the Christmas Miracle of 2007. I have posted in the past about my penchant for extraordinary coincidences, and also about my sometimes uncanny streaks of luck.

Yesterday, the two collided.

I've been trying to buy my son a Wii for Christmas, which has proved to be impossible. I put a widget on my laptop which I checked every day to see if it had found anything on the web (aside from the insane moneygrubbers on Ebay who are getting twice the MSRP for the base unit), I've checked Amazon, Wal-Mart (ew), and all the other usual suspects with no success.

Since Lucas' birthday is January 8th, I resigned myself to attempting to get one after Christmas and having it be his 13th birthday special gift. Still, when I checked all the websites yesterday, no Wii to be found.

I got a call in the morning from my SO who needed to go to a mall near my house to buy a gift card, so off we went (against our better judgment) to fight the crowds. We got the card, left the mall, and headed to Sports Authority for another late xmas gift he needed to get. While there, he got a call on his cell from his daughter who needed a gift card from Victoria's Secret... requiring that we go BACK to the mall.

Having nothing special to do yesterday, we happily returned to the same mall and as we made our way to VS, passed a video game store. I suggested we see if they happened to have a Wii. As we entered, I heard a man asking the cashier something to which the kid replied, "No, we're sold out." I said "Oh, was he asking about the Wii?" and he said yes, but that they didn't have any and didn't know when they would be getting them in.

As we were leaving the store, SO pointed out that there was a sign on the register that read: "No Wii." Had I seen that, I never would have asked the question.

HOWEVER... I did ask. And a woman heard me ask. And she ran after us to say that she had just called Best Buy, about 10 miles away, and that they had gotten a shipment of 14 Wii's and were taking orders over the phone. Sure enough, I called them, they had 3 left and I was able to purchase it and pick it up within an hour.

Coincidence? Luck? Think about it. Had we not returned to the mall, had I not asked the clerk, had the woman not chased us down... never would have scored the Wii.
Since my son is off from school this week, I decided to give it to him early so he'd have lots of time to play. Needless to say, it was a HUGE hit. Check these out:

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