Thursday, October 13, 2005

If It's October, I Must Be Having an Anniversary

When you've been married three times, only a few months can go by before you realize you'd be having an anniversary...if you were still married. In 1989, on October 14th, I gave the "M-word" a second try. My first, to Emma's dad, lasted seven years (although we were separated for the last two). I was anxious for Emma to have a "real" family again. Probably too anxious.

I married A. only a few months after my first divorce was final. He really loved my daughter who was 3 when we met, and I let that overshadow the fact that we had very little in common. I have nothing bad to say about him...we're still very good friends and he's incredibly wonderful to Emma to this day (she's 20 now). The marriage only lasted 18 months.

HOWEVER, all that aside, the wedding was great! A. worked in the theater and we were getting married in October, so we decided to go very theatrical and have a costume wedding. One of his cousins worked in a costume shop and she agreed to get deals for all the guests. Almost everyone in his hometown were either stagehands, cops or firemen so it was absolutely HILARIOUS to see them in Renaissance costumes with tights and plumes.

He and I were Rhett and Scarlett, the best man was the Phantom of the Opera and my maid of honor was Scarlett's cousin Melanie. Here's my Scarlett portrait (all photos are copyright Rob Fraser, 1989) Click on the photos to see them larger.

We planned to surprise our guests by arriving via speedboat to the waterside restaurant where the wedding and reception were to take place. Here I am, wearing the Phantom's hat and scarf.

In the boat.

We walked down the "aisle"... a rickety wharf that led up to a steep cliff that we climbed to reach our guests. Blaring over the loudspeakers was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's "Wedding March". Really campy and fun.

We arrive (you can see a little Emma in front of me).

Grandmother Kitty, a Nakota medicine woman, married us. A peace pipe was passed to all the guests. No, there was no wacky weed in it. I love this photo because of my dad's expression.

The photographer wasn't the only one taking pictures!

Rob Fraser, who photographed not one but TWO of my weddings, brought the photos to Bride's Magazine and they ran this little article about the event. Rob himself went on to shoot several celebrity weddings including Whitney Houston's.

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