Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kelso is Home...

...but we need your help, if you are so inclined.

I picked him up yesterday after a WEEK in the animal hospital. The bill was $3200!! And that's without surgery. I didn't drop the VPI, but as you may know, if they pay a third of that it will be a lot.

Anyway...all I ask is this: If you shop at, can you please get there by clicking on ANY of my Amazon links in the sidebar? We'll get credit for anything you purchase through Amazon if you get there through my links. Every little bit helps, and this doesn't require donations or anything other than getting to where you usually go, taking a different path. You don't have to buy the items featured here...just go to Amazon through them.

If you can spread the word, that would be even better.

Don't do it for me... do it for him.

Thank you!!

PS: If you want to use to buy books for a fighting soldier, or donate some of your used ones, go to Books for Soldiers. A really, really cool idea.

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