Sunday, April 10, 2005

My Little Tiger

Luke's Finish!, originally uploaded by panthergirl.

Well, this Tiger is definitely back after winning at Augusta today, but I've got quite the golfer on my hands as well.

Lucas is just not a team-sports kinda kid. Ironically, Tony was a major athelete in school: baseball, football, diver, golfer, basketball player (at 5'9"). I think he was a wee bit disappointed that Luke just never showed much of an interest.

After Tony died, Luke asked if he could join Little League. He played one season and hated it, except for hitting the ball. I decided that golf might be the game for him.

This past October, I took him to the driving range (when this picture was taken). I got him lessons right away, and he LOVED it. He's a lefty, like his dad, and an absolute natural. Although only 62 lbs., he has driven the ball as far as 170 yards (in winter!).

This week, on Thursday evening, the pro is taking him to the golf course for the first time. It's bittersweet for me to see him do so well...when I know how much his dad would have loved to see it too.