Friday, April 08, 2005

Great Book by a Great Friend


Since I know a lot of you have kids, or know people who do, I feel it is my duty as your blogfriend to tell you about this awesome, hilarious, disgusting and totally gross book. The author is a great friend of mine, Joy Masoff, whom I blogged about when I was going to tennis camp in February. She's a brilliant writer who REALLY has her finger on the pulse of what kids are fascinated by: snot, pus, vomit, poop, get the picture. But it's educational! Really!

The great news is that Joy is also working on a sequel, called Oh Yikes!, which is best described as an encyclopedia of gross historical facts (executions, etc.). I've helped with some research and now know lots of horrific facts about gladiators and Vikings and even the US Presidents.

Check out the "Oh Yuck!" using the link on my sidebar (and check out Amazon Associates while you're at it! I had no idea about that until I saw it on another blog. MUCH better than Google ads).

***What was up with Haloscan today? Comments have been down periodically, so if I haven't commented on your blog today that's why!****