Friday, April 08, 2005

Villainess of the Week

Michelle Gertz, originally uploaded by panthergirl.

Unlike my good buddy Brando, I watch a ridiculous amount of TV. When I hear the word "Survivor", I don't think about eyes of tigers. I blogged about "Supernanny". I gave my TiVO box a card on Valentine's Day. Get it? I heart TV. Even when I hate it.

My current guilty pleasure is season three of "Project Greenlight".

This year, they are making a horror film and have hired a director whose contest reel was incredible. He's John Gulager, the son of actor Clu Gulager, and a very eccentric dude (think Hitchcock, only less effusive). His work is dark and almost Fellini-esque...totally different from anyone they've chosen in the past.

One of John's idiosyncracies is that he has only worked with his friends and family, and wanted to cast them all in this movie. The casting director (the woman in this picture) fought with him tooth and nail over the fact that this is a BUSINESS, and you can't just hire your friends. You need to cast name people who will put asses in seats.

Well, guess what happened on last night's episode? This chick managed to get HER friend hired in the lead female role, after the director and the producers had all rejected the actress as totally wrong for the role. The actress? Navi Rawat. Yeah, a real box-office draw.

Gotta love Hollywood.