Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dixie Martin, in the Drawing Room, with the Pancakes

As previously noted, I'm a long-time (as in "from the beginning") fan of All My Children. For most of its run, it has been hilarious...never taking itself very seriously, highlighted by the campy-genius of characters like Erica Kane and the wry Tad Martin.

In recent weeks, however, the show has taken a turn for the worse. Some veteran actors have been let go, and replaced by shrieking teenagers and insufferable trannies, and the writers have resorted to cliché tactics like "Who's the Serial Killer?". Now we're not stupid. We know that Soap Opera serial killers are really just corporate hatchet men who decide that the cast needs a facelift of sorts, and it's not a Botox party.

Cady McClain, the actress who has played Dixie Martin for years, dared to write candidly about these dicey management choices on her ABC-sponsored blog, and found herself written off shortly thereafter...the most recent victim of food poisoning, as in "poison put into food" by the serial killer. (It would have been cereal, if this were the old AMC.)

To read the details of Dixie's demise, with a punchline that I cannot believe he posted before I could, go to Citizen of the Month and read Neil's side-splitting take on this momentous occasion.

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