Monday, January 08, 2007

Forget Elvis...

... my little boy turned TWELVE today.

He's in good company. Also born today? Steven Hawking, David Bowie and my personal favorite: Soupy Sales. I'd say that Lucas is a combination of all of them.

I bought him an iPod shuffle, and unfortunately the one thing he appears to have inherited from his father is his er, interesting singing voice. Think Eddie Murphy in "48 Hours". Yowza. I've created a monster, but he's deliriously happy so it's worth an investment in cotton balls.

Some of you may remember the $7500 he raised for the victims of Hurricane Katrina (and his appearance on the CBS Early Show). He continues to be a very generous spirit, spending every afternoon with an 89 year old neighbor who lost his wife a few months ago. They play cards, checkers, and he's also come home with some colorful WW II stories about the SeaBees. (I had to explain that some of the terms the old guy uses to describe the enemy are not, as Lucas assumed, "nicknames".)

And as I usually do in posts like this, I will take the opportunity once again to tell every person out there, and particularly every PARENT, to STOP SMOKING. This is the fourth birthday that Lucas cannot share with his father, thanks to cigarettes. Not worth it, folks. He loves his iPod, and is listening to a lot of music that they enjoyed together, but he'd rather have his Dad.

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