Sunday, May 15, 2005

Best Girl on Earth

OK, don't kill me.... I forgot my camera. But Deni, the Last Girl on Earth brought hers and will be posting silly pictures (after I see them!!) of our great meeting in NYC yesterday. We had an absolute blast. She recognized me immediately, being the only woman walking an enormous greyhound down Houston Street. I recognized her immediately, with that gorgeous head of red hair! We had a wonderful brunch (Kelso even behaved himself most of the time) and then spent the afternoon chatting on her lovely roof garden, with her husband (LG) and a visiting friend. They were all so warm and funny and interesting and I felt like I had known Deni forever.

She walked Kelso and me back to our hotel, where we proceeded to attract the attention of a very drunk guy from Florida who thought it was really sexy to hit on us while showing us pictures of his kids. Ew.

The rest of my NYC weekend was great, too... Stayed at an awesome hotel in Soho that welcomed pets, providing a dog bed and bowls and treats for Kelso. Target was shooting a commercial a few blocks away, so the Target dog (white bull terrier with the red bullseye around his eye) was staying at the same hotel. (Deni took pictures of him and will hopefully post one.)

On Friday night I had dinner with two great friends whom I introduced to each other and now they are in lurrrrrrrve... so great. Walking around with Kelso attracted lots of attention, and it was a good opportunity to talk to people about greyhound adoption. I even met two Hell's Angels, one of whom has a greyhound! You never know who you'll meet on the streets of New York.

All in all, I loved being back in my city. It took 2 hours to drive home (normally a 45 minute ride) but it didn't matter. I got to see friends, make new ones and have a little child-free time (Lucas is spending the weekend with relatives).

kelso and pillowI did take one picture, with my camera phone, of Kelso sleeping. I brought that little white bed but he dragged a pillow over for additional comfort during the night!