Monday, May 16, 2005

Funkybug Throws Some Questions At Me

My blog buddy Robin over at The Wisdom of Funky Bugs has asked me a few random questions to answer here:

1) The magic geenie has just shown up at your house with three wishes - but he's drunk and needs a visual. So, what three things would you wish for all over again?
This is a trick question, right? Of course I want an infinite number of wishes to cover world peace, cures for all the incurables, poverty, global warming, the 2008 election, the ability to find all lost objects, health and happiness for my loved ones, outrageous wealth and eternal youth. The genie didn't know who he was dealing with here.

(2) It's your best friend's birthday, but you're strapped for cash. How do you celebrate the day?
That's what credit cards are for, right? Or, maybe we'd take a drive to the neighborhood where we grew up, wearing body armor of course, and marvel at how small everything looks now.

(3) You get to change the world, one petty peeve at a time. Where do you start?
Only one? OK...I'll start with restaurant stuff. Don't you hate it when you have spent 20 minutes looking at the menu, and THEN they tell you what the specials are? Or you order and THEN they tell you "we're all out of the shrimp tonight?" Argh.

(4) Right now - this very second...what is under your bed?
The box from my Roomba, some books, dog hair and a tortilla chip. (Hey, my cleaning lady broke her arm. So sue me.)

(5) Have you ever thrown something at a moving car?
Yes. Myself. (ok, it was a SLOWLY moving car. But still.)