Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Doggie Is Getting a Makeover!

Stay tuned.... The Dog's Breakfast is getting a new look! In the next day or so, you'll see what I mean. I designed it myself, and Ro from Ciao! My Bella is working on the template.

The summer's almost over, and I'm going to be back in the swing of things very soon...posting daily (or close to it). I've been walking 3 miles or so every few days, and during those walks I often plan future blog posts. I know I've slowed down considerably this summer, but I promise to keep you entertained come Fall.

In the meantime, has anyone noticed how many television shows being touted for the Fall season seem to have several similarities? Semi-creepy, unseen aliens or predators, one word title. ("Surface", "E-Ring", "Threshold", "Numb3rs"). Remind you of anything?

How about this word? "Original". What a concept! But it'll never sell.