Friday, August 12, 2005

Photo Friday: Violet

This week's entry is another in the "No Cameras Allowed" series from my trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The artists are the same as the one's in last week's entry (Complexity).

The funny thing about these pictures is that for all my wacky escapades, I really am a "rule follower". (Much to the amusement of my close friends). I cross at the corner, keep to the right, don't litter, etc. etc. Aside from my arrest when I was 19 (more material for the Fall Exblogaganza), and a few personal indiscretions, taking pictures in a place where I am not supposed to is a BIG transgression for me! In fact, the only reason I did it was because it was a business trip and a group of us had an assignment to complete in the museum which required pictures.

So... all of that aside ... this is my "violet" entry for today. Hope you like it!