Saturday, August 27, 2005

Photo Friday: Chaos

This week's entry is not immediately obvious, in terms of the theme, but trust me. It's appropriate.

My son Lucas and I got up this morning with a delightful plan to take our bikes to a nearby trail (one of those used-to-be-a-railroad bike trails that are cropping up everywhere). I don't use the Mini Cooper for escapades like this (nor for extended car trips like the one we're planning for Monday, but more about THAT later.)

So, I strapped the bike rack to the back of my SUV, loaded up the bikes, and then had to back out of a parking space which is dangerously close to my garage. In an attempt NOT to hit a red car parked next to it, I wound up hitting the garage itself with the bikes, blowing out my back window. Lucas was crying (he was in the back seat and the sound was very frightening), I couldn't believe I had done it. (Note: Not one person in my condo complex came out to see what had happened, although the noise was unreal. Reminiscent of my third day living here, when my dog grabbed a neighbor's cat by the neck and was shaking her. I was screaming "No! Stop! No!" at 6:30 AM, and no one came out. Remember Kitty Genovese?)

ANYWAY... It's not bad enough that it's Saturday, the insurance people are complete idiots and glass places close at noon, but we are planning to take a trip up to the Catskills on Monday morning. On the way, we're scheduled to drop off Kelso (my enormous greyhound, hence the license plate) at a boarding facility, but now I have no driveable truck. My day has been nothing but chaos as a result.

Bottom line? I'm driving Kelso in my Mini Cooper to the boarder's house tomorrow. Get out the shoe horn and Vaseline. Quick. Then we'll take the Mini on our trip, stuffed with me, Lucas, our suitcases and two golf bags. Cue the shoe horn.

Update: I'm renting a Ford Escape Hybrid SUV instead. With the insurance discount and them paying part of it, it will only cost me $22/day! SO worth it.