Friday, March 09, 2007

Things That Make You Go "WTF?"

I was in a restaurant today for lunch, seated a few tables away from Frank Gifford. He does not look like this anymore, by the way. I've seen him several other times, always accompanied by Kathie Lee, but not today. She's pretty scary looking in person too. I was tempted to go tell him that people are brought to my blog in droves, several times a day through Google and other search engines, with a burning desire to see a photo of "Kathie Lee braless". (This is probably the most searched for term on my blog, although I have never posted such an image. This is followed closely by a search for "Jo Frost's tits". Go figure.)

I saw a segment on The Today Show about how credit card companies are screwing around with people, jacking up finance charges so they never, ever get out of debt. I decided to look more closely at my American Express bill, and whaddya finance charge had risen to 30% !!!!! So, I called them and just like that, no questions asked, they lowered it to 13%. Hmm.

Sabrina voted off American Idol....

Sanjaya NOT voted off American Idol.


Jesus married with kid(s): Impossible!!!
Jesus comes back from the dead and flies up to "heaven": Totally believable!!

Hokey dokey...