Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Torture and the Hair

The rash that won't go away, the cockroach you just can't kill, the festering boil that is Sanjaya. Thanks to Howard Stern and friends, he will continue to wage an assault on our eyes and ears for another week.

The little girl who couldn't stop crying during Tuesday night's Idol was like manna from heaven for Joel McHale of The Soup. She was too good to be true!

Last night, I watched the show on TiVO when I got back from dinner out. I thought my TiVO cut off before I got to see the judges' reactions to that sham of a vote-off. But from what I understand, the judges were nowhere to be seen last night. Absent in protest?

What is the real problem here? Why doesn't "Idol" limit the number of votes ala DWTS? Because they can't say "after 30 million votes..."? When 15 million are coming from Sanjaya's mother, the numbers hardly impress. Based on prior "winners", the votes mean nothing anyway. Ruben Studdard anyone?

C'mon, Sanjaya. Have a little self-respect and throw in the towel. One woman in California is on a hunger strike until he is given the boot. Can you blame her? She's simply trying to reduce the volume of upchuck after next week's performances.