Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love

Yeah, is Elvis' birthday. (as well as my son's and David Bowie's) He would have been 70 today. It's hard to believe that someone who ate fried peanut butter and lard (or banana...see recipe) sandwiches could meet such an early demise. But alas, sometimes when your number's up it's up.

While we're on a pop culture jag, today is also a day marked by Jen and Brad's breakup. What a drag it must be to have the blood and guts of your relationships out there for all to see. And comment on. I have to chuckle when people respond with shock and awe at the serial pairings of Hollywood folk. Personally, I could give them all a run for their money...the difference is that my string of failed love connections isn't fodder for People Magazine.

Surfing this week's blogs, I found an inordinate number of people making really rude comments about Heidi Klum and Seal. What's up with that? She's adorable, he's sexy (yes, boys...scars and all...or maybe especially so) and he loves not only her but her little girl. Of course, I once made the mistake of marrying someone because he loved my daughter...and sort of forgot that I needed to be in love with him too. Oops.

Well, have a peanut butter and lard sandwich today in honor of the King (don't forget...fry up your sandwiches, charge up the defibrillator and enjoy!)

A recipe for two sandwiches:

1. Mash two small bananas.
2. Toast four slices of wheat bread.
3. Spread peanut butter on all four slices.
4. Spread mashed bananas onto two slices.
5. Assemble two sandwiches.
6. Fry each sandwich in a little butter.
7. Slice and serve immediately.


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  1. Oh, the peanut butter isn't so bad... it's the LARD that was really gross! I thought I'd spare everyone by not posting a recipe for that...