Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Dog's Birthday

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Yeah, it's Super Bowl Sunday, but more importantly it's my greyhound Kelso's 7th birthday. You know what's weird about that? It makes us the same age. No wonder he doesn't want to listen to me! I'm simply a contemporary.

It's actually a gorgeous day today, FINALLY. I've renewed my membership to Sportbrain and took advantage of the 50+ temps to go out and walk my winter-butt off. I'm taking Lucas to the driving range, then heading up to the kennel where we have 6 new greyhounds fresh from the track. I'm the semi-official photographer for our adoption group so I'll take some pics of the pups for the website and hope they can find foster or "forever" homes.

At 4, I'm playing tennis. Whoo hoo! Then I'll come home and watch the game. Last year I watched it with my friend Rich (online...he was in Maine and we IM'd throughout the game). The big wardrobe malfunction played out like this:

Me: Was that her tit?

Him: Nah, I don't think so.

Me: Yeah I think it was.

Him: Hm. OK I'm going to grab a beer. brb

Earth shattering, no?

Since then, I've introduced Rich to a good friend of mine and now they are in love and living together. So, I've screwed myself out of my TV watching IM partner. But I'm glad they're happy. I'm expecting a fairly boring blowout game (Go Pats!) and ridiculously tame commercials. Zzzzzz.