Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Uncle Daddy

Does anyone else have a BIG problem with this?? Basically, Govenor Pataki (R-NY) is going to wipe out the debts of deadbeat dads who marry the mothers of their children. That leaves me with a few pointed questions: Is the state going to pay all of the mother's overdue bills? Is the state going to back-compensate her for expenses?

And now let's take this a step further. Deadbeat Dad now marries a woman SOLELY to lose his fugitive status. He didn't care enough about her or his children to pay child support, but now we want him living in the same house? Maybe they'll hand the mother a post-dated restraining order to save her the trouble 6 months down the line.

This all sounds very third-world to me. Does the woman have any say in this Pataki-matchmaking-exercise? I think we need a better poem for it than the one in the article:

Violets are blue, roses are red
You will be lucky
If you don't wind up dead.