Friday, January 27, 2006

My New Blog: Get Busy, Folks!

I have started an additional blog as a grass roots effort to get the corporal punishment laws changed in this country. I urge you to support this effort by:

Writing to your Assemblypeople and State and US Senators
Writing to the morning news shows and your local affiliates
Posting this graphic on your blog, with a link to The Center for Effective Discipline.
Promoting that site and my new blog, spreading the word that if the US is serious about championing human rights, we need to start in our own homes.

I was greatly heartened to see how many people came to this blog as a result of searching the web for information on "Nixmary Brown". Unless they have a morbid need to read about the death of a child at the hands of her parents, I assume they feel as horribly about the situation as I do.

I won't write much more about this issue here, because I know you guys like to come here and laugh...