Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Rosie is a Rosie is a Rosie

As previously posted, my son Lucas was devestated in February '04 when we had to give our greyhound Rosie back to the adoption group. She had developed a "dysfunctional attachment" to me which translated into vicious behavior towards anyone who spoke to me (except for Lucas, as you can see here) including my daughter Emma. It was quite scary.

So, in September of that year when I decided to lease an adorable little MINI Cooper, Lucas insisted that we name her "Rosie". Baaaaaaaaaad idea. I have just returned Rosie to the dealership where I got her. She developed a dysfunctional unwillingness to be reliable, first losing her power steering ability as I drove home on a winding road in November. Then, in December, she slowed into "limp home mode" while I drove amid speeding traffic on the highway, a result of a bad "intake valve". All of this with less than 18,000 miles on her.

The service manager at MINI told me that if I had wanted a reliable car I should have bought a Kia. He suggested I was overreacting when I said that this "safe mode" of dropping to no more than 5mph, so as not to ruin the engine, could easily have turned me AND Rosie into road pizza. He said I should have programmed their roadside assistance number into my cellphone before I drove out of the showroom.

I assured him that the numerous Toyotas I've driven in my life have never required me to program any 800 numbers into my phone. While I still have my Infiniti QX4, I'll be trading that in for a new Toyota Rav4 for better gas mileage and lower payments. I loved driving Rosie, but unfortunately she is going to wind up on my too-long list of things that "seemed like a good idea at the time". And we won't be giving anyone or anything in this house that name again. Sorry, Rosies.