Friday, January 27, 2006

Where I'd Like to Be Right Now

... Cane Garden Bay, Tortola BVI. And it wouldn't hurt to be in that kind of shape again, either!!

I hate winter. And I'm sorry, weatherman... promising me 55 degrees as though I'd better slather on the sunscreen just ain't cutting it.

If I sound less than chipper, it's because this week has been a LEEEEEETLE stressful. The heat pump in my condo has to be replaced, along with the condenser, to the tune of $5800. Apparently, no one north of Virginia should have a heat pump as their heat/air conditioning source but every single condo complex around here has them. Ours are 20 years old and kicking the bucket. We woke up to 63 degrees indoors this morning which is COLD. Did I mention I hate winter?

My daughter Emma is giving me all kinds of things to worry about, which I won't go into here to respect her privacy, but I'll say one thing: You know those obnoxious people who coo at your new baby and say "Enjoy him/her NOW...."? It used to annoy the crap out of me, but I get it. Little kids, little problems. Big kids...

Work is insane. I'm basically doing three jobs for the price of one, and corporate America's attitude is "You're lucky to have a job. Suck it up." I just hired a new assistant, someone who has been working as an admin and is being promoted into this position. Now get THIS: If I had hired her from the outside, I could have paid her $10,000 MORE than I'm allowed to pay her because it's a promotion. So, even though it makes my life easier that she knows the people, the company, the politics, etc. she gets punished because she's not a stranger off the street. Absolutely absurd.

My stomach hurts. I can't eat anything without getting a stomach ache. Coincidence? I don't think so...

Take me to Tortola, please.