Thursday, January 26, 2006

"One hundred and EIGHTY!"

Thanks to the blogger friends who noticed I haven't posted much this week. Insanely busy at work and not feeling so great, either. New post to come tomorrow. In the's a rerun to keep you occupied!

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OK, so I should probably add an 11th "things I've done that you probably haven't" that reads: Got my picture in the New York Observer and my name in "Bulls Eye News" for my outstanding dart throwing skills. (Yes, there's really a magazine called Bulls Eye News.)

When I was married to husband #2, he taught me how to throw darts. We had a board in our kitchen, and at night while he was working as a stagehand on Broadway I would throw and throw and throw while waiting for him to come home. He was already pretty good, so we started to frequent a dart bar on Second Avenue and eventually started playing for them in the NYC league. (This was one of those turning point events in my life, because I met Tony (husband #3) at a tournament and wound up marrying him and having my son.) I played a lot and became pretty skilled at it.

It was an interesting world, the dart world, because the people in it were either hard drinking, hard smoking types (think Tuesday nights at the bowling alley), or white collar ad agency types, or artists and musicians. This picture was taken at our home base -- a bar called Muffin's Pub --, in 1990, when the Observer did a cover story about the dart scene. (How do you like those gams? Not bad for a 35 year old mom, eh?).

One night in 1992 I was supposed to play but decided to meet Tony for dinner instead. That night Muffin's was held up by two masked gunmen and the bartender was shot to death. I never played again after that, and oddly enough I tried to throw a dart about a year ago and it didn't even reach the board. Weird, huh?