Saturday, September 10, 2005

Airport Security on 9/10/01

That morning, I flew to Cincinnati on business, just for the day (thank god).

I was traveling with another woman from work. We arrived at Westchester Airport where we missed our flight and had to race to LaGuardia to get the next one. At the ticket counter, my colleague realized she did not have her driver's license. The agent said, "Are you with her? (me)" and she said yes. "Well, just go ahead then." [ding]

We couldn't get a direct flight, so we had to change planes (in Cleveland I think?). We ran to the gate to get our boarding passes, but the machine was broken. The agent said, "Oh it's ok... just get on the plane." [ding]

We walked onto the plane, told them the boarding pass machine was broken, and they let us find seats. [ding.ding.ding.]

We all know what happened the following day.